Living in Hong Kong, travelling in Asia

In the past year I had the opportunity of studying in Hong Kong for 4 months. Unfortunatelly I couldn’t stay longer because of the protests and Covid-19 outbreack, but still I experienced not only Asia but also historical events that will be written in Books forever

Thanks to this studying internship I was able to travel to Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philipines and Macau

Living in the CityU student residence

It was hard and at some point everything became really dangerous.

Tear gas was thrown INSIDE the student residence, where thousands of students were living peacefully in a day where students where shot with live ammo in the center, as well as a policeman was caught in camera smashing people with his official cops motorbike.

I won’t enter into details as many things have bee published already in media like Hong Kong Free Press

Photos I toke during the confrontations

Other countries

Still, the experience was amazing in all senses.

Travelling out of Hong Kong was also a great experience, getting to know other cultures with awesome people.

I fell in love with Japan. Visiting it for 3 weeks, I’m planning to visit again soon

Some pics from Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Philipines, Thailand and Macau