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NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019, 3rd place award!

NASA´s Space Apps challenge, first time hosted in Hong Kong

For the first time in Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong hosted NASA´s Space apps challenge in 2019, a Hackathon event where 12 teams competed to develop the best breaking solution for one of the challenges NASA proposed beforehand.

Only 15 citys hosting NASA´s hackathon in the whole Asia area, out of 239 event locations worldwide

Each team had 36h of development for born and bring to live their ideas, from 0 to mars!

hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, collaborate intensively on software projects.


Unreal Vision team got the 3rd place award in Hong Kong

The team that me (Nestor Sabater) co-funded with Marcos Urios got awarded with the 3rd place award on 20 October 2019 by the CityU hackathon judges, beign awarded with 3000HKD, 3 Intel Galileo devices and a very big and beautiful honor mention!

The team took part in “The Trans-Neptunian Spaceway” category, where 157 teams around the world had fun for the 2 days the event lasted.

Like the Trans-Siberian Railroad linked remote parts of Asia to the West, the Trans-Neptunian Spaceway (TNS) takes tourists and entrepreneurs to the newly accessible region of our solar system beyond Neptune. Your challenge is to develop marketing materials and/or tools for the Trans-Neptunian Spaceway!

SpaceApps challenge website
The three Unreal Vision team members receiving the award

Mix of cutting edge technologies provided the best results

We used different devices to reach our goal, but the system was aiming on a larger scale combining also Augmented Reality devices such as The North Star Project to acomplis true mixed reality.

Finally our team formed by Elaine Zhang, Marcos Urios and Nestor Sabater acomplish the task with succes.

Unreal Engine and Leap Motion for the first demo, aiming for The North Star Project and Windows Hololens

Next you can check the in-event live from development timeline