HKsafe, helping Hong Kong citizens and visitors to avoid danger

Since June, Hong Kong has been living a period of protests and reivindication that lead to a dangerous situation for everybody, from citizens to police cops and visitors.

HKsafe app is a solution, developed by Nestor Sabater, in collaboration with Marcos Urios to help people avoid undesired situations like missing a meeting because an MTR (metro) station is closed or getting into a traffic jam because a streed is closed due to unexpected public activities.

This app let users know the MTR line status and official announcements, the street status and sends them notifications when they are aproaching to a conflict area.

It’s completly free, developed by two students, with the only aim to help people, as we used it for ourselfs and found It really useful

App developers

HKsafe is not gathering any personal data and It does not depend of a single server. It relies on the data publicly given by MTR official website and app.

You can find more in the official app website and on the google play store