Dark Souls fighting system improvements

It´s been a while since I developed a sword and shield online fighting system based on the gameplay mechanics of “Dark Souls”, (You can find the original project post here) and now I decide to refactor it, improve it and update it for the Unreal Engine version 4.20+

The system is beign completly reworked to be used in a modular way, beign able to make any of your characters able to play with this mechanics in just a few clicks (adding a blueprint component)

Multiplayer support has been improved to allow you to play actions & effects on every system action by adding callbacks to every state of game (see screenshots)


– Weapon System
– Real time equipement of weapons
– Stamina system
– Key combination
– Optimized for gamepad controllers
– UMG Interface
– Real time fighting system
– Special actions when out of stamina (like weapon attack moving slowly)
– Targetting system
– Use of DataTable to store weapons information
– Calculation of weapon results upon impact (Like blocking percentage, weapon/shield weight, etc)
– Physics weapons when not equiped

Player actions:
– Attack
– Combined Attack
– Jump
– Sprint
– Sprint attack
– Breack defense
– Dodge
– Attack from air
– Focus (target an enemy)
– Use magic

You can find more about the Unreal Engine Dark Souls fighting system in the UE forums