Dark Souls Fighting System

Download link available soon…

A WIP game made with UE4 and 100% blueprints, similar to Dark Souls 2 fighting system.

Official forum thread at Unreal Engine Forums

New version under development

– Weapon System
– Independent stats and anims for each weapon/shield
– Stamina system
– Key combination
– Optimized for gamepad controllers
– Interface
– Real time fighting system
– Special actions when out of stamina (like weapon attack moving slowly)

– Attack
– Combined Attack
– Jump
– Sprint
– Sprint attack
– Breack defense
– Dodge
– Focus (target an enemy)

– 2 handed weapons
– 2 ofensive weapons, 1 for each hand
– 2 handed shields
– 2 defensive weapons, 1 for each hand
– Weapon effects, like poisoning or bled

I have to mention that there is a loot of logic behind the scenes, for example, to calculate how many stamina will be used to block attacks with your shield, it makes some calculations based on the attackers weapon weight, and your shield weight and block percentage.