“WiFi” Erasmus+ Youth in France

It´s been a while since I dont post anything new, but April and May have been really exausting months, with a lot of projects and work to do.

This time, from 9 to 19 of April I was taking part of an Erasmus+ Youth project that took place in Amiens, France.

The topic was “WiFi” (Why Internet is Freaking Important) so as you can imagine, the workshops where related to, ofcourse, internet and new technologies.

Social networks and the possitive and negative impacts they have in society and in individuals was one of the fundamental topics we where discusing and working on.

Also, during this debates, we were talking about the European Union and it´s current situation.

As main background activity, in a project time perspective, was the development of a video whith a related topic. After ~5h of work, edition and sound recording, we managed to get, with the resources and devices we had, a good result:

*Music and images not woned by us. They were used just as a learning resource, the video wont be used for any other porpourse than learning.

The video was created in collaboration with:

  • Elsa Conde (Portugal)
  • Teella (Estonia)
  • Emilie (France)
  • Bangari (Nigeria)

Thanks to this project, I was able to meet, work and enjoy with many people from Portugal, Estonia, France, Nigeria and also make new friendships with Spanish people!

Everybody should try Erasmus+, everybody should be Youth!

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