Run Knight Run 48h Game Jam UA

This game has been made by 3 people, a game artist, a game programmer (me) and a UE4 begginer, who did the initial menu and gave us all the songs.

100% made with blueprints, for the Game Jam UA.

Official forum post at Unreal Engine Forums
Player has 4 habilities:
1- Simple attack with sword
2- Teleport forward
3- Charge forward
4- Fireball

Aditional gameplay:
This features where all made during the Game Jam UA, the game was discontinuated after this event.
In the video, level change time has been altered, so I played all 3 scenarys in about a minute, but final game will take much longer to change between levels.

The game is an infinite runner, so all its generated procedurally, based on some patterns.

To loose the game you have to be very scared (full fear bar) and keep it full for some secs, then, the child wakes up (final scene)

If you walk trought the fire, your character starts taking fear for x seconds, non accumulative.

If you walk near a mushroom, it will liverate spores, that will add you a great ammount of fear instantly.

Habilities has cooldown, you can fire 8 fireballs every 10 seconds, so if you fire the 8 fireballs in 3 seconds you will have to wait 7 seconds to be able to fire more fireballs.

Its the same with sword attack (but with less cooldown) and with the other habilities.

Would be good to add another gameplay objects, like traps, extra habilities, etc, but the game probably will end up like its now but with some bugs fixed.


Game Jam UA website is under maintenance and games history will be updated soon.