ESN IT Vice-chair for development

  • In less than 1 year, promoted from local section collaborator to Vice-chair for development
  • Spain gets a new member after a while in the international chairing team

Promoted to the International IT chairing team in less than 1 year as member of ESN

After ~9month as collaborator and webmaster in the ESN local section “ESN Alicante“, I participated in various national events that lead me to meet the ESN Spain webmasters for 2018-2019.

In that moment my journey in ESN International started. They recommended me to participate in the ESN international webSTAR (StarAwards) contest that was happening just a few months after my meeting with this amazing people of ESN Spain.

I did as they said and voila, I won the ESN international StarAwards!

This lead me to an event about UX/UI design for ESN int. at Brussels, where I had the opportunity to meet the international board and other awesome people from local sections of all around Europe.

And after spending 5 days with them working in the new Satellite 5 system and grabbing some beers, some idea came to my mind. What if I apply for the chairing team?

In brussels I met the ESN International board and got the idea of applying for the Charing team position in the IT committee

And voila again! After ~1 month I applied for the chairing team open call and GOT ELECTED as Vice-chair for development in the ESN ITcom.

Now, here I am, working for the future of ESN in from the tech side, developing Apps, websites and spreading the awesomeness of ESN to our committee former members!