preview of unreal engine 4 crawling system

Crawling system for Unreal Engine

Crawling (prone) system with arms, animations and IK ground detection. Routes based on Splines.


Features for the Crawling system:

  • Spline based routes
  • Simple IK hand placement setup (hands adapt to the ground height)
  • Examples of use with actors that automatically creates a bounding mesh around your route and other params
  • Ground detection
  • Option to rotate by ground detection or spline point rotation
  • Visual debugging options
  • Double or single direction routes
  • Per instance exit limit distance (Choose distance to the end you want the player to “take off” the cover, for both sides independently)
  • Per instance exit location (Where the player will move automatically when exiting)
  • Auto interaction when approaching the entrance/exit
  • Forward and backwards movement (backwards movement can be disabled per route)
  • Configurable speed (independent for moving forward/backward)
  • Camera shake effect on movement (is not an actual camera shake but rotation applied based on bone rotation, so you can control it from within the animation)
  • Arm animations can’t be stopped half the way (animation always ensures both hands are on ground)
  • Arms are orientated to the direction of the spline, letting you create routes of any kind
  • Camera limits to prevent user looking backwards or to places you don’t want to

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: (1 Player Character, 1 Route actor, 2 Example routes with custom functions, 3 Enum)

Input: Keyboard (you can change it to suit your needs with easy)

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: PC

Supported Target Build Platforms: All


Important/Additional Notes:

  • There are some situations with non desirable results, like too pronunced going downs or really sharp corners in the route (the arms don’t look realistic at all in those cases) but you should be able to fix it to fit your needs, for example improving the IK system that already comes with the pack.