Nestor Sabater VR oculus + kinect project
Nestor Sabater VR oculus + kinect project

Unreal Engine VR project, Unreal Magics


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As subject project at the Alicante University, I had to develop something, my decision was to make a videogame where the human interfaze wont get you off of the experience.

Ofcourse I´ve choosen Unreal Engine VR for this porpourse

To acomplish that, I´ve integrated Oculus Rift + Kinect v2 + Speech Recognition systems to allow the player concentrate only on his task, kill every single enemy.

The story is based on an old sealed temple, full of monsters, while you are a magician that has to discover the truth of the world.


I´ll be adding some dev log posts soon, as well as more pics, alpha tester experiences an more!