CryptoPong, a Java online multiplayer pong game

Online Multiplayer game I developed in Java for the university subject “Secutiry and Compression”

Made in 2 weeks by a team of 3 people, I was the code developer, two colleges where in charge of the documentation, sound an graphics.

It is a simple game that showcases how to create secure online connections between clients. Using RSA and AES algoritms we ensured clients can authenticate and cypher properly.

Source code can be found in Github:

The project got high marks druing all of It’s development proccess:

Final grading obtained for the project

The game is purely controlled by keyboard, meaning that there is no mouse interface is implemented.

Be warned this is NOT a production ready project, as It needs improvements in many areas, but It IS a good learning resource for other students.

This is the connection schema used for developing the game. (Graphic made by the team member in charge of graphics, Pepe)

The next code shows the implementation of the above graphic

Piece of code showing encryption workflow
Security class definition
Source code can be found in Github: