The Eric’s Journey, a C++ game made from scratch

An Minimun Viable Product in C++

This game was made by a team of 4 people, where I was the team lead and developer of the main engine structure.

Developed without ANY library (appart of SFML for media management) in C++, It took over a month to get to this result.

The project started as a subject project for Videogames Fundamentals at the University of Alicante and is non-profit.

Project files available at GitHub:

The game implements collision checking, bouncing, particle effects, interpolation, animations and many more mechanics.

The code was also put into consideration during the design phase, making use of Composition, Fachade, State, and some other programming paradigms to ensure the system was consistent and extendible.

Hit detection for everything

Every actor on the game is able to receive hit/collision events upon impact and react to them acordingly.

Movable actors

Traps, projectiles and enemies handle collisions in a satisfactory way thanks to the interpolated system mixed with an AABB SWEPT collision system.

Particles and sounds

The effect shown here is part of the fire and forget particle system.
The core also includes a fire and forget sound management queueing sounds and cleaning the memory.

The game art has been mostly provided by and modified to fit our needs or make new animations.

The game was strongly inspired by archero, we dont intend to get any profit from this game NOR release this to the public.

1 sprite and 5 sounds have been ripped from this mentioned game, just for learning porpourses.

Project files available at GitHub:

Team members

  • Nestor Sabater: Project lead and main developer
  • Amador Blasco: Menu and HUD developer
  • David: Player input and player development
  • Marcos Sánchez: Graphics and animations developer