Survivors APP, personal project

After 2 years since the begginning of this project, finally I can show how the survivors APP will look and what It is about!

This APP is designed and developed by me in my free time as a project for real life games called “Zombie survival”

This game consists on two teams, one of zombies, whose main target is to hunt to the survivors, and a survivors team, who have to get clues and discover a role playing story during the whole night in a real town.

Ofcourse there are a lot of actors and zombies all spread around, inside public buildings, etc.

It´s main objective is to help survivors coordinate better, beign able to check where the other members are in real time if you get lost, know if someone got infected and send orders thought the map at the same time you point dangerour areas.

The next gallery shows how the APP looks right now, IT´S NOT the final release, there are some improvements ongoing, but its pretty close to the final one.

Survivors APP is developed in Java for Android devices.

Also I want to share the process of development and improvement of the interface over time in the next gallery:

The Survivors APP will be released at the end of August for all of those who play the game and where missing something like this!