Minitanks – Online Multiplayer game

I´m presenting a little project I made just for fun.

It will be released FOR FREE when finished, and it´s intended to be used as learning resource for people willing to make an Unreal Engine 4 online game.

simple but complete multiplayer game for unreal engine 4

– Simple create session (TODO)
– Simple join session (TODO)
– Character respawn
– Shooting system (with different types of weapon (bullets, missiles, flamethrower…))
– Different characters (no selection, you get one random each time you die)
– Dynamic materials change (when you get hurt, your char will show a sad face, or a :0 face when you shoot)
– Powerups (TODO)
– Sprint system (with effects and input block)
– Jump with effects
– Player stats (like kills, deaths, …) (TODO)
– Deathmatch game mode
– Camera shakes (TODO)

All its made with BluePrints, no c++ code has been used here.
Yo will see examples of how to replicate actions, effects, respawning, use of interfaces, inheritance in BPs, …