Object Interaction System




What are interactable objects? objects that you can interact with and that will cause somethink to happen, see the video for examples:


This pack is aiming for any kind of objects and interactions, and gives capability for tons of functionalities, for example:

  • You can create an object to switch on/off something (a radio, for example)
    – You can create objects that you can only interact once, for example a clock alarm (to stop it)
  • You can create objects with their own logic (you can do whatever you want) and still have the functionalities to interact with them
  • You can create objects that launch the interaction to unlimited interactable objects (for example, a light swithc that toggles lights, like shown in the video, and it will take care about lights/objects that are marked as only to be interactable once (anyway you can reset objects interactability))
  • You can select at runtime when you want an object to be capable of interaction or not


All is made to be easily modificable, with comments and clean.

Must say that right now, it doesnt work with replication (online) , and that would be better for objects that can be movables (physics) to print the interaction message on the HUD in order of displaying a text on the actor, but for now I´m doing it that way.